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Research at McCormick

  • Species’ Roles in Food Webs

    Studying Species’ Roles in Food Webs

    McCormick partners with Kiwi and Spanish colleagues to find new approaches to conservation.

  • softing controlling people's movements

    Using Virtual Worlds to ‘Soft Control’ People’s Movements in the Real One

    Researchers tap into cell phone applications to push people out of regular travel patterns.

  • Image of McCormick professor Guillermo Ameer researching with students.
  • oxidized graphene

    Creating Faster, Thinner, Flexible Electronics

    Researchers study how to chemically alter graphene, possibly putting better electronics within reach.

Northwestern has always counted research as one of its top priorities, and its $1.5 billion annual research budget, along with more than $439 million in sponsored research, reflects this commitment. McCormick is a pivotal part of the University's research efforts, with faculty members and graduate students continually engaged with the technologies that will shape the future of our nation and our world.

About Research at McCormick

McCormick faculty and graduate students engage in research that's changing the world and crossing the boundaries of what we thought we knew. Our school-wide research focuses on biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, and the service and infrastructure technologies, and McCormick's research strengths are widely recognized in a vast number of areas.

McCormick researchers are developing nanoscale cancer treatments and regenerative therapies for damaged nerves. They're breaking boundaries in sustainable energy for transportation and construction. They're building computer models of the global economy to understand how to prevent future collapses. They're analyzing works of art to understand how they age, and how to preserve them. And they're using game theory to unlock the secrets of … eBay. If you can imagine it, there's probably someone researching it at McCormick.

Research Centers and Institutes

McCormick hosts 23 different research institutes and centers focused on topics from across the engineering spectrum. Learn about them here, and about Global McCormick, the school's program to extend its students' education across the world. You'll also find more information here about Northwestern's schoolwide research programs, and about the Innovation and New Ventures Office.

Research Offices

Here you'll find a comprehensive guide to the research offices and divisions across Northwestern and McCormick, from McCormick's Office of Research Administration to Northwestern's offices for research safety, research integrity, sponsored research, and research accounting.

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